Community Grants

A vital part of The Foundation’s mission is to make grants that enhance the living conditions and environment for the citizens of our county. Our grants are made possible through generous donations from families, individuals and corporations who give either directly to The Foundation or through their Donor Advised or Scholarship Funds that we hold for them. The following is a list of our grants from 2007 to the present from all avenues of The Foundation. Should your organization wish to apply for a grant, click here to learn more about The Coweta Community Foundation’s grants process.

Arbor Springs Elementary

$250 Teaching Children Keyboarding Techniques Through A Whole Body Approach.

Elm Street Elementary

$750 Empowering Students to Find Friends in a Clear and Painless Way While Retaining Dignity.

White Oak Elementary

$500 Designing and Building Constellations with LED Lights

Madras Middle School

$750 Facilitating Better Instruction with the proper furniture

Evans Middle School

$750 Enhancing Learning Through Textbooks

Central Educational Center

$580 Teaching Students to Learn to use new Technology

East Coweta High School

$170 Forensic Science - Teaching Students how terrorists are stopped from gaining access to airplanes before take off.

Newnan High School

$750 Teaching Students to Get Involved in the Community Through Service Projects.

Newnan Coweta Humane Society

$1,000 Trap Spay and Neuter Program for Cats


$2,500 One year maintenance for a horse that provides weekly therapy to clients

Senoia Area Historical Society, Inc.

$1,000 General operating expenses to run the all volunteer organization.

Patrons of the Centre

$2,000 Providing funding for one show for Coweta Elementary School Students Live Program

Coweta STEM Institute

$1,000 8th Grade Field Trip Experience

Boys and Girls Club - Newnan/Coweta

$3,500 For the Book Club for ages 6-14

Southern Conservation Trust

$750 For Conservation Camp for Coweta Students

Guitars not Guns

$1,500 Pilot Program for At Risk Youth

Stepping Stones

$750 New Coweta Mothers program at Piedmont Newnan Hospital

Continental Societies

$2,000 Funding for the 3 part Generation of Promise Leadership Academy for At Risk Youth

Coweta Special Olympics

$1,000 Coweta Spring Games

Community Welcome House

$1,500 Operational Expenses

Meals On Wheels of Coweta

$3,400 Supplies to package 26,000 meals

Newnan -Coweta Habitat For Humanity

$2,000 The Brush With Kindness repair program

Bridging The Gap

$3,600 To offset the cost of their first annual audit

Coweta CASA

$4,000 To train their CASA Volunteers to assist Foster Children in Coweta County

Real Life Center

$1,000 To assist Coweta families financially

Can't Never Could

$1,000 To assist with scholarship program for students in Coweta who have been affected by cancer