Payroll Deduction

Whether you have one employee or 5,000, offering your employees the ability to be philanthropic at work can be a great part of a benefit package. Through The Coweta Community Foundation, you can give your employees a vehicle to support local charities near and dear to their hearts.

Charitable giving through payroll deduction gives each of your employees, no matter what they can afford, the ability to give back in a private manner at a level they feel comfortable with. Based upon several studies, there is evidence that employers who offer this ability to their employees have increased productivity. This same evidence reveals that people who give more to others — in both time and resources — experience greater satisfaction in life than people who do not. In fact, communities of people with high levels of giving tend to demonstrate greater satisfaction within the community than groups of people who do not give generously. Essentially, you’re going to be happier in your community if it’s made up of folks who give to one another.

While corporations give for all kinds of reasons — including an improved public image, increased profits, and tax breaks — according to research, individual employees who contribute their time or money to a corporate cause are more likely to report improved worker morale. Employees who participate in the company’s giving campaigns feel like a part of your corporate team. Employers who want to improve retention and team-building should offer company giving campaigns and volunteer opportunities for employees.

Why choose The Coweta Community Foundation? It is proven that community organizations tend to respond faster and more strategically to the needs of local communities than larger organizations do, and these agencies obtain most of their funding from private donations. Local giving, therefore, provides support for the programs that enhance community well-being. With The Coweta Community Foundation, “what is raised here, stays here,” and your Foundation has the ability to provide support in times of immediate need or local disaster in addition to our normal annual grants cycle. Another reason to choose The Coweta Community Foundation is stewardship and due diligence. With our all-volunteer board, your Foundation is able to keep expenses low and put 92 percent of each dollar donated in the hands of the nonprofits, and through our extensive due diligence, we make sure that all nonprofits who apply for grants use the funds exactly for what was applied for. We also conduct site visits, review their tax returns and Board of Directors, and make sure they are registered with the State of Georgia to solicit funds.

To start a payroll deduction plan, there is no monetary investment required of you. We do all of the legwork. We tailor your pledge forms with your company logo, handle the enrollment, and provide your payroll department with all of the data and documentation needed to send us funds via either check or electronic transmittal.

Come join the movement by “Reaching Together” with us and explore the benefits of a charitable payroll deduction benefit for your employees. Call us at 770-253-1833.

The following employers offer contributions to the Coweta Community Foundation via payroll deduction:

  • Coweta County School System
  • Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority
  • Rutledge Center, Inc.